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Code of Ethics

Blue Sky, Inc.

Code of Ethics, Business, and Professional Conduct


Integrity is a core value of Blue Sky Inc. (BSI). This Code of Ethics, Business, and Professional Conduct serves as a guide to proper conduct for all employees.  BSI expects all employees to observe the highest standards of ethics and integrity.  BSI’s ethical practices support the organization’s mission to provide the highest quality services to all served and their stakeholders.  Each employee of BSI  accepts responsibility for compliance with this code.  Commitment to these standards should never be compromised for financial, professional, business, or any reasons.


BSI aims to set the standards for ethical conduct by subscribing to the established codes of ethics for its staff and contracted professionals.  Beyond this, BSI endorses the following eight principles:


Trust and Credibility: The success of our business is dependent on the trust and confidence we earn from our employees and anyone with whom we do business.  BSI builds confidence and credibility through:

    1. teamwork and open, candid communication with anyone with whom we interact
    2. adhering to our commitments  
    3. honesty and honorable conduct
    4. creating a win-win environment for all parties in all we do


Honesty:  Be truthful and forthright with one another and with customers, program participants, funding organizations, employers, businesses, referral sources, and community partners.

Respect:  Treat one another with dignity and fairness, appreciating our work force and the uniqueness of each employee and each individual served.

Confidentiality:  Preserve the rights and privacy of persons, businesses, and organizations with whom BSI interacts.

Responsibility:   Speak-up without fear of retribution and report concerns in the workplace, including: violations of laws, corporate compliance, regulations, ethical practice, and company policies – seek clarification and guidance when in doubt.  Employees are expected to bring forth any suspected compliance issues to a supervisor or the CEO.


Citizenship:  Obey the laws of the land, work to enrich our communities and make them more productive, and act with pride and confidence as a representative of BSI.

Accountability:  Carry out what is expected and be transparent in representing the persons, businesses, organizations, and funders with whom BSI interacts.


Conflict of Interest:  Avoid and disclose becoming involved in conflicts of interest.   Conflict of interest occurs in situations where a person has the potential to direct or influence a decision to his/her own gain.



BSI promises to apply the standard of integrity to all it does as related to:


In addition, BSI consistently adheres to the following:


Exchange of gifts, money, gratuities:  BSI employees do not accept gifts, money, or gratuities from persons served or other stakeholders.  Employees are directed to seek clarification about this from a supervisor or the CEO.


Personal Fund Raising:  Personal fund raising, fund raising for any causes or organizations, and solicitations are forbidden on any BSI premises or during BSI business.  Employees are directed to seek clarification about this from a supervisor or the CEO.


Personal property:  BSI employees respect and safeguard the personal property of persons served, visitors, and coworkers.  In addition, employees respect and safeguard the property of BSI.


Setting boundaries: Employees act with discretion in observing professional boundaries and refraining from engaging in activities pertaining to personal, social, financial, or other questionable activities with: persons served, individuals and stakeholders with whom BSI is doing business, and coworkers or supervisors. 


Waste, Fraud, Abuse, or Other Wrongdoing:  BSI employees abide by and honor BSI’s corporate compliance policy and practices and report any wrongdoing to the BSI corporate compliance officer.


Witnessing documents:  Management personnel are the only employees authorized to witness documents on behalf of the company.   This is limited to program documents such as "releases of information.”  The CEO is the only individual authorized to witness legal or contractual documents on behalf of the company.  At all times the person witnessing the document must be present at the time the document is witnessed and signed.





Mechanism to address violations:  Employees and stakeholders are encouraged to report any alleged ethics violations to a supervisor or the CEO and understand that BSI maintains a no reprisal policy.  Reports of alleged violations are preferred in writing.  Any allegation of violation of BSI’s code of ethics and professional conduct will be taken seriously and thoroughly investigated by CEO in accordance with company policies.  In situations where a potential breach of an established professional code of ethics may have occurred, the allegation will be reported to the CEO for immediate review and action.  Action will be taken within ten business days, and a decision will be made and documented within fifteen business days.